Meet Our Staff

Rabia Afzal

Transitional Kindergarten (TK/KG)

Rabia Afzal received her Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University.  Rabia completed her multiple subject teaching credential in 2013 and is currently teaching TK and KG in the Full-Time School.  Prior to teaching at SFIS, Rabia worked as a teacher for an after-school program at the Community Learning Center in South San Francisco. Rabia also volunteers her time as the 5th grade Islamic Studies teacher at the San Francisco Islamic School Sunday program.

Nada Allan

Kindergarten Teacher

Nada Allan was born and raised in Jerusalem, Palestine. She graduated from Al Quds University with a Bachelors’ degree in Medical Technology and worked in the laboratory of the Women’s Red Crescent Hospital. Nada is currently the Kindergarten and Arabic/Quran teacher at the Full-Time School and served as a volunteer at San Francisco Islamic School Sunday Program. Nada has also taught Arabic and Quran in the SFIS after school program. 

Hnan Alhalaq

1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Hnan graduated with an Associates Degree in Child Development. She has been teaching children of all ages for more than twenty years. Ms. Hnan has provided her knowledge to children throughout different cities and states. She is currently the resident first-grade teaching instructor as well as the first and second grade Islamic Studies teacher at the San Francisco Islamic School. She prides herself in teaching children both in and out of class through academics and development.

Saousan Dajani

2nd Grade Teacher

Saousan Dajani graduated from the Faculty of Medicine School in Damascus, Syria in 2001.  She took courses at the Kaplan School in San Francisco in 2009 and passed the US MLE clinical exam in 2011. Saousan has been teaching at the San Francisco Islamic School Sunday Program since 2010 (Arabic and Qur’an).  She taught at the After School Program for a few years.  Saousan is currently teaching in her 2nd year as the 2nd Grade Teacher and Arabic/Qur’an studies.

Kashif Abdullah

3rd Grade Teacher

Kashif Abdullah received his Bachelors in Science in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  Prior to completing his undergraduate studies, he served in the United States Navy in the Electronic Warfare field.  Kashif has served as a San Francisco Islamic School teacher, administrator and board member since 2006.  He is currently the 3rd Grade Teacher at the Full Time School.

Leticia Preza

4th Grade Teacher

Leticia Preza received her Bachelors in Science in Chemical Biology from UC Berkeley College of Chemistry.  She worked as a Chemist in the biopharmaceutical field prior to her role at the SF Islamic School.  Leticia has volunteered with several different non-profit organizations, including NISA and ING.  Started service with the SF Islamic School in Fall of 2006 as an Islamic Studies teacher for the 3rd grade.  Has done administrative work to support several of the SF Islamic School projects and community events.   

Summer Aqrabawi

5th Grade Teacher

Summer Aqrabawi received her Bachelors in Childhood Education from Al Balqa` university in 2005.  She taught at Jordan Academic for second Grade in 2005 until 2007 in Amman/Jordan, Roman Catholics Kindergarten in 2007 until 2008 in Amman/ Jordan, and at Ministry of Education 2008 until 2016 Amman/ Jordan. She also is the Co-Author of the curriculum for second grade for the country of Jordan in 2014. Summer has participated in Caritas Education project for Syrian refugees in 2015 until 2016 Amman/Jordan. She also has many other certificates for teaching with computers, learning with new strategies and hygiene promotion. She is currently the Fifth Grade and Arabic/Quran teacher for SFIS.

Shabnam Shaikh

4th/5th Math and ELA Grade Teacher

Shabnam Shaikh was born and raised in San Francisco. She has served as an Islamic Studies and Quranic Arabic Teacher at the Islamic Center of San Francisco for 7 years. She is currently the 5th grade Language Arts, 5th grade Islamic Studies and 4th grade Math teacher at SFIS.  Shabnam has years of experience in tutoring Math and English Language Arts.  Shabnam is also a Certified Hijama Practitioner and pursues this technique in her spare time.