Mission & Vision


Our vision is to inspire families to learn together and to strengthen the understanding of their responsibilities toward one another, the community and the environment.


The San Francisco Islamic School is committed to providing a sound environment with strengths in academic excellence and spiritual enrichment.  By way of an Islamic environment and perpetual emphasis on good character, the San Francisco Islamic School aims to uphold the highest standards to help our students thrive as strong Muslim individuals and leading contributors to society. Our primary goals are:

  • To support an environment that emphasizes academic strengths and achievement
  • To help instill a sense of strong moral character in each student in order for them to excel in all aspects of life
  • To teach an Islamic and Academic Curriculum that allows our students to develop their knowledge, identity, social skills and physical being so that they may be able to effectively implement these attributes in their daily life.
  • To nurture the sense of purpose and directness that create a space where students and families see their shared responsibility and live up to it enthusiastically.